As we enter into 2020, take a step back and realize not only is this a new start for you and your life… but this is the start of a whole new decade. We have been through a long ten years, with most of us holding on to and dragging around old baggage. For many of us, 2019 was extremely difficult in one way or another. We all faced challenges of sorts. For me it was filled with loss, and lots of it. It was like one thing after another was being taken away from me and my husband. It was a hard year, the worst I have had in my 43 years of living.

In looking back and reflecting on it now, I can see that if I kept clinging to those things that were taken, I never would have made room energetically to bring in the new creations and visions that I have been working so hard to manifest. Loss is so hard. Some of the most difficult emotions and traumas we can experience as humans come from loss. The loss of a friend or family member, the loss of a job, the loss of financial security…It all comes back to loss and feeling like we are lost.

If you have a strong and sturdy foundation in place though and if you have worked on the cracks in it, you will remain standing and be able to weather any storm, no matter how powerful. With a solid base for you to stand upon, you will come out on top when you go through anything that is sent your way to test you. Be aware though: over time, cracks will still continue to appear in your foundation. Nothing is invincible. But what’s important is that you monitor them and fill them before they become too big to repair at all.

What does it mean to have a strong foundation in your life? 

It all starts with your thoughts

Did something happen to you? A dramatic event that affected you so much that you will never be the same? Or, are you slowly moving through your lessons, adversities and mistakes, each of them with life as your teacher?  How are you making decisions right now? Do you have a plan for your future, or are you a fly by the seat of your pants kind of person?

I know for me, that I have worked extremely hard at building the foundation of my life based on my core values. I gained a sense of direction and created my own special purpose for living.  Values, courage & confidence are just some of what it takes to commit to yourself and to build a strong foundation.

This foundation consisted of habits and skills that supported further personal development efforts. Now, with every new goal I set, I already have a secure support infrastructure to lighten the burden.

When I coach someone, I don’t just expect them to just listen to my teachings and not do the work for themselves. They must be the creators, the builders, the architects of their own plan. They must work hard to find well balanced footing on solid ground, and continue to consistently follow it through. One day, when the floodwaters rise and break against the foundation that they have built for themselves, they will be able to brace accordingly and withstand the rough times ahead.

Here are some areas to work on in order to reinforce your inner core:

  • Strengthen Your Sense of Self
  • Increase Emotional Stability
  • Manage Your Energies
  • Approach Life with Realistic Optimism
  • Review Your Social Life
  • Cherish your Spiritual Connection

I am starting this year with a weekly blog. Each month will cover a different topic. The month of January, we are going to talk about The Foundation and all parts of it. We are going to start from the bottom and work our way up to the top. Let’s make this year strong and bring our goals and visions to life!

Have a happy and healthy New Year, and see you in 2020.