This is a great subject that has taken me a while to learn. As a coach, I’m reminded often how much people choose contraction over expansion. They really “want” the expansion, but don’t like the way it’s showing up for them in their life!


Sometimes, we ask for things we think we want and when they show up, they seem, like huge mountains to climb. Instead of being grateful for that mountain and learning how to expand while climbing it, we contract and shut down and say we don’t want that “thing”.


Make a fist. Squeeze it tight…keep squeezing… Okay, unclench your fist. I bet your whole body tensed up while you were clenching your fist. Your heart rate might even have gone up. Did you hold your breath unintentionally? It might have even been hard to unclench your fist at first — maybe hard to uncurl your fingers.


Here’s the thing — contraction takes up a lot of energy…We don’t mean to contract, but we do. Expansion in all aspects is what we want to create in our lives, not contraction. When we’re trying to sustain contraction, we have less energy left for expansion.


If you have contractive energy going on in the inside, it makes it hard to sound and look anything but contracted. This, of course, extends beyond something as simple as making a fist — it also applies to emotional contraction. Locking down your feelings. Suppressing yourself and not fully expressing. Trying to be someone you know deep down you’re not.


This also carries over into the work that you do. Whether you own your own business or work for someone else. Imagine trying to do big things in the world as an entrepreneur and deliver transformative work when you are limiting yourself in a million different ways….


Trying to play small and not let people see the real you because you’re afraid it might scare them off or intimidate them if you shine too bright, right? Is there anywhere in your life that you’re contracting?


Whether it is in a relationship, in your business or career, or just in how you generally show up in the world? I can help you find where the expansion stops and contraction starts. I can get you on the path to expansion and show you that you were always meant to expand and not to contract. You can get in touch with me at or if you want to talk about expansion versus contraction in your business, let me know at




Heather Driscoll is a certified life Empowerment Coach and spiritual teacher who teaches on the subject of mindfulness, overcoming fear and anxiety, manifesting and abundance and more. She is the creator of the Enlightenment Method, a step-by-step system to help people walk their own Enlightenment Path.