We can only be empowered and enlightened when there is a balance between three crucial areas of our existence: BodyMind, and Spirit.⁣⁣

The Online Course Is Here!

Joined  forces with my mom on this one! We put my Enlightenment Method into a clearly structured, high-quality online course that you can access anywhere, anytime.

You get access to 12 classes, each containing a set of lessons and tools necessary to master, in order to create and live your own Enlightened Path. 

Things get even better with the juicy bonuses included in this program and continuous access  to us through our online community events and forums. 

Bringing The Enlightenment Experience To Your Home


From the comfort of your home, you can now get access to the most powerful teachings, tools and methods organized for you in a time-proven system = The Enlightenment Method. Your own Enlightened Path is practically at your fingertips. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

Meet Heather and Rebecca

Program Overview:

Path #1




  • Become crystal clear on how connected you are to the true you
  • Learn how to become grounded and centered even when all hell breaks loose
  • I help you learn how to open the door to true power and your enlightenment

Path #2




  • Learn how to stop living in the past and stay present in the moment
  • Clean-up your past hurts and traumas so they are indeed, without question in the past
  • Release suffering, ease your pain and ease your heart, so you can see the next steps in your path 

Path #3


  • Understand where your fear began and why you get anxious
  • Stop fearful thinking once and for all
  • Learn how to tame your anxiety any time you want to
  • Get a grasp on how to stop fearful thinking once and for all

Path #4




  • Identify the habits that undermine and sabotage your enlightenment path
  • I teach you how to dream your new identity and embody it
  • Craft powerful, personalized new routines that will support you in embodying the new you 





Path #5




  • Together we soften worries, giving space to deeply care for your heart, mind and spirit
  • We kick up the vibe to keep you in a consistent high-resonating place no matter what
  • Establish consistent boundries to maintain your high vibe and personal routines

Path #6




  • I can teach you how be aware of your energy to heal yourself and how to shift judgmental thoughts into love
  • Transform negative self-talk and master and elevate your self-worth 
  • As a healer, I can teach you how to become skilled at saying “no” gracefully and mean it… without guilt

Path #7




  • Find out what you authentically want for yourself and for your life
  • Get crystal clear on what matters to you most and what your priorities are
  • Design your Enlightened Life Blueprint

Path #8




  • Learn how to unleash and use your intuition to the maximum potential
  • Understand what intuition is and how it speaks through your body
  • Discover how to unmistakenly recognize your own truth

Path #9




  • Understand the difference between living in Fear and living in Love
  • Learn how to recognize when you’re resonating at low emotional levels
  • Find out how to shift yourself to high-resonating emotional places and to Love 


Path #10




  • Learn how to recognize when someone or something is draining you
  • Discover how to distinguish which energy is yours and which belongs to other people
  • Master simple release techniques to free yourself from unwanted energies 

Path #11




  • Understand the true, simple essence of manifesting 
  • Learn what it really takes to manifest your heart’s desires in reality
  • Master a simple manifesting protocol that you can put into practice right away

Path #12




  • Explore asking for guidance in a way that works for YOU
  • Learn to recognize when it’s time for action and when it’s time for non-action
  • Discover what to do when you lose hope or faith

Take An Inside Peek At The Course

Materials Included:

Video Classes

Every single module contains a video class designed to dig deep into the main topic. To facilitate your learning, these classes are recorded in a high visual and audio quality. They are full of examples showcasing this work in practice. Take these videos with you and learn!


Handouts and Notes

To save your time and energy, you will be provided with notes, sheets, and handouts. You don’t have to write down the information, the exercises and the instructions from your video classes. You can simply download notes written up for you so they are at your fingertips whenever you need them.


Every module contains a list of assignments to be completed before you move to the next step. These assignments were specially designed to give you the most efficient and productive learning experience. Follow them and you will be on your Enlightened Path in no time!

Powerful Tools and Techniques

There are countless self-improvement tools, techniques, and modalities in this world. You could spend your whole life just exploring them! But The Path To An Enlightened Life doesn’t have to be long or complicated. Why not just use a short-cut and use the most efficient tools right away?

Regular Live Calls

We want you to feel like this course just keeps on giving. We will meet live with you and dig deeper into the 12 paths during real-time calls. These live calls are also your chance to get your questions answered personally by Heather and Rebecca.

Private Facebook Group

We offer a home-study, self-paced course here but that doesn’t mean that you have to do it alone. We are always within reach, ready and willing to give you consistent support and guidance. All that in the community of like-minded people.


BONUS # 1: Dreamwork Masterclass

Dreams are messages from your unconscious mind. In fact, they are your unconscious mind rising up and giving you important, often life-changing information. Even the nightmares. They can give you insight into current dilemmas, provide healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels, they can tell you about the next best step to take in your personal or professional development. Plus so much more. They are a fun, mystical tool to add to your repertoire of tools that build or sustain an Enlightened Life. In the Dreamwork Masterclass, you will get the following:

Understand why it’s important to work with dreams

Discover the unexpected benefits of dream work

Master powerful practices to boost your dream work

Get examples of dreams with explanations of meaning

BONUS # 2: Abundance Workshop

Abundance is just a given when you are on your own Enlightened Path. Seeing abundance in all areas of your life is actually a sign that you are on the right track and that you are on your path.  We want abundance in our life, but often we can be conflicted about it, especially if we’re on the spiritual path. And creating abundance, mainly material abundance, can be extra hard for some of us. A little boost might be in order we thought. This is why we added the Abundance Workshop as a bonus to sweeten your journey. In the Abundance Workshop, you will get the following:

Start feeling good and comfortable about abundance

Learn how to clear negative abundance thoughts

Anchor positive abundance thoughts in your body

Receive affirmations drawing in abundance

BONUS # 3: Manifesting At The Speed Of Light Class

There is always a way to get even better at manifesting your heart’s desires! Take it from Heather and Rebecca who have spent their life trying to figure out the fastest and the most powerful manifesting tools. There are so many tips and tricks they collected while walking their own Path To Enlightened that it would be a travesty not to share them with you. Because who wouldn’t want to get their hands on some fun manifesting tools that actually work? In the Manifesting At The Speed Of Light Class, you will get the following:

Get your hands on new tools to speed up manifesting

Learn how to reach a state of allowing

Reveal the secrets behind intentional manifesting

Understand the role of gratitude & appreciation

This Online Course Is For You If

You Enjoy Learning From Home

You fancy the idea of not having to go anywhere to learn. Or better yet take your training with you wherever you go.

You Have A Busy Life

Given the demands of your life, an evergreen training that you can take at your convenience and at your own pace suits you the best.

You Want A Life In Alignment With Who You Are

You want to finally design your life so it’s the truest and most authentic representation of who you are on the inside. You want your outer life to reflect your authentic truth.

You Want To Feel Part Of Something Bigger

You want to be able to reach out to like minded people who are also choosing to walk the path to an Enlightened Life. You want to know that there are people just like you who want to evolve on all levels.

You Want The Best Self-Improvement Tools

You would like to get your hands on tools and techniques that just work without having to spend timeless hours figuring things out on your own.

You Are Looking For a Roadmap

You want to incorporate this practical knowledge easily and as hassle-free as possible into your own personal, spiritual and professional life without having to run left or right.

“In my position of Professor of Coaching in an international coaching school, having personally trained Heather, I can confidently say the following: Heather Driscoll is a brilliant coach, a phenomenal healer and one of the most intuitive and smartest women I know. She is a force to be reckoned with – someone you definitely want to have your back no matter what it is that you want out of life. This course is no different. You will get pure gold with this online course! 

Izabela Viskupova, L.L.M., M.A.

Professor at the S.W.A.T. Institute, World’s Premier Coaching School

Does This Resonate?

Thank you for reviewing The 12 Paths To Enlightenment online course! If you feel this is something that you would love to dive into at this point in time, then let me us take your hand and lead you to your own Enlightened Path!

The full tuition for the 12 Paths To Enlightenment online course is $450 with payment plans available.