Parts Work is a powerful tool designed to help us notice, name, give voice to, and understand the many parts operating within our minds and psyches.

Parts Work helps us to understand the complex, and unique topography of our internal landscape and can help us untangle habitually stuck patterns and conflicts that may be playing out in our lives. Sometimes these habits can even form and continue us to occur without us realizing it on a conscious level.

It’s a useful tool that can be enormously helpful for bringing clarity to those situations in your relationships, work, and daily life that you just feel relentlessly stuck and confused about.

Parts Work, as I define it and use it for my coaching practice, is a therapeutic lens that assumes that each of us has many different parts to our minds and psyches.

Each of these parts (or sub-personalities) has unique needs, wants, and beliefs and may be conscious or unconsciously playing out helping or harming us as we move through our days encountering different situations, triggers, and scenarios.

By bringing our awareness to these many different parts within us – giving each part a voice, learning what each part needs, wants, and fears and understanding when, how and why each part gets triggered – we are then more able to lovingly integrate (not eliminate!) the many aspects within us to create more choice, expand our capacity to creatively problem solve, and to give us a greater sense of wholeness and aliveness in our daily lives.

So, what or should I say WHO are some of the parts within ourselves?

One of the ones that I recognize in myself sometimes is The Inner Critic. This is the part that makes us feel unworthy. But everyone’s inner critic looks different.

There is also The Inner Child. This is a big one for most people, and they do not even realize that they’re not operating in their adult self – when they are triggered or scared about something, this is usually when the little girl or boy come out.

These little children at a young age had to handle a lot – so as adults now – they learned to cope a certain way – and usually it’s at an age where the trauma happened.  You can see it in people when they fight like a child, or shut down or don’t speak their truth. This is a learned behavior from when they were little.  That little child takes over the adult… You can fix this ya know!

There are so many parts – we actually all have multiple personality disorder, if you think about it. We have fractured parts of ourselves that have learned how to cope with all different types of situations throughout our lives – and when we are triggered around those old wounds – house fractured parts of ourselves that learned how to cope come out and we operate in them – and not the self we are in presently.

With greater awareness comes greater choice, and with greater choice comes a greater sense of empowerment in our everyday lives.

I can help with parts work if this is something that you want to explore!

Much love,