To be a lightworker in this world is to share your soul with all humanity. Destiny is right in front of you, right where you’re standing. To give that out to people and share that, is all this world needs.


Share your light with people in a time that you’re more divided than ever. Give yourself, your true self, and it will come back to you full circle. Love is light. It is the biggest energy we have to give and it is the best one to receive.


Though you cannot see it in all its colors and forms, you can most definitely feel it. For when it rises in you, you cannot help but share it and you want to receive more of it! Stay focused on that energy and watch your world light up with colors you’ve never seen before.


It’s always been in you, it’s just now time to let it shine.




Heather Driscoll is a certified life Empowerment Coach and spiritual teacher who teaches on the subject of mindfulness, overcoming fear and anxiety, manifesting and abundance and more. She is the creator of the Enlightenment Method – a step-by-step system to help people walk their own Enlightenment Path.