How do you even begin to make peace with fear, when it is all around you? Self-quarantine, social distancing, fear of being infected, and fear for our loved ones. Fear. Anxiety. Scarcity. Loneliness. How can we move past fear when we’re being shown death tolls rising on the news, social media and anywhere else it can be plastered across headlines? Everyone looking at each other with masks on their face as though they are lepers. It seems like that is what we’re being told right now by the media… and our government… that we are responsible for the spread, as well as flattening the curve… we are both. Even hearing someone sneeze in public now seems like the worst crime one could commit. The virus to me, IS the fear. I am in no way down playing this sickness…I know how many have been affected and how dangerous it can be for those with and without immune compromised bodies. The virus is very real. But the fear is what is false. As an intuitive empath, I can easily feel others feelings. And there is SO MUCH FEAR swirling around in the world right now.

I lay in my bed last night next to my husband with my body humming and vibrating. I was physically exhausted, but mentally, my mind was running a mile a minute. Usually we are fast asleep by 9 pm… but tonight, something weird happened as we laid down. I went from being tired, to unable to sleep at all. It was like I drank an entire carafe of coffee and was wired from too much caffeine. I don’t know what happened. It was like I could feel the energy of the whole world moving around me and through me- like one of those electric plasma balls that you put your hand up to and the lightning bolt finds your hand immediately. I was tossing and turning and it was so obvious that my husband could feel the same thing – it was a feeling of the collective consciousness creeping in on me and opening a door for me to fear. I teach tools on how to overcome situations like this, but when the fear of the entire world pressing in on you, it’s hard, SO HARD, to maintain your inner peace.

As human beings, we must allow ourselves to transition into what will be. We must face our fears head on. And then, we are going to be asked to create something new. But how do we transition through these changes in a healthy way? Right now, we are transitioning – just like a woman does in labor. She starts with small little easy to manage contractions, then on to the brutal ones and then the transition comes, where it’s time to push. This is the hard labor – this is where we are now. We are in a HUGE metamorphosis. This time is all about crossing over from something old and familiar into something new and unknown. However, we are all resisting. No one likes this change. We miss being with our families or out in crowds of people where we don’t feel so alone. We miss our rituals and the common daily practices that have become so routine and comforting to us. Whether the change we are going through is for good or bad, it’s hard no matter what.

But we must remember, we are all in this together. We collectively have the power to raise or lower the vibration of the Universe. When we are sad, anxious or living in terror, the majority of the world feels this too. It’s like a tennis ball being repeatedly hit against a brick wall. The energy we put out into the world bounces right back to us, sometimes so fast that we get hit and it knocks us off our feet.

All transitions are composed of three stages:

The Ending (Emotion: Grief)

We are at an ending right now. Any ending starts with blaming others and pointing the finger. We are angry and grieving for what we had and what we thought was our security. But maybe those things we lost or are losing never were our real security? We must begin to shift our mental states and focus on what we are gaining, rather than what we are having taken from us. For instance, instead of saying “I am stuck at home,” try saying “I am safe at home.” So many people working on the front line are wishing they could be in your shoes. A little cabin fever and being annoyed with your family members is nothing compared to what they’re going through.

The In Between (Emotion: Fear)

Fear is the tough period between what we feel like we lost, or are in the process of losing: our jobs, our money, our loved ones, etc. and what is to come, or the new. We can’t see the prosperity that is headed our way yet, so we live in a constant state of fear, worry and anxiety, about the future – and the future does not actually exist right now. It’s only the present, right here and now. Be mindful. Be alive. Be grateful for only this moment and what is happening right in front of you.

The Brand New Beginning (Emotion: Desire)

What if our new beginning is better than we could have ever imagined? What if this is not all for nothing? What if we have a wonderful new world and life ahead of us, but this had to happen to get our attention and wake us up to certain things? Life is always expanding. We are evolving every second of every single day. We are strong and united, now more than ever, and we will all get through this and be able to take a look at our new beginning in a very short time. Trust.

I will see you on the other side of this my friends. I can promise you will be stronger – keep transitioning and get ready to push!

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Much love,