We can only be empowered and enlightened when there is a balance between three crucial areas of our existence: BodyMind, and Spirit.⁣⁣

Working With Me One-On-One

There  is this incredible phenomenon that takes places when someone looks at you from a detached, neutral perspective. They get to see you, but without your usual filters and limitations. I have always had an innate sense to know where people are in their lives and how to show them a different path. Maybe it’s time, I get to show you yours.

This  is the gift that you get when working with me in person. I see YOU. I see your life and your potential. I see your unique, individual Enlightened Path and I know exactly how to get you in touch with it. 

Some  things can only be shared in person. And that’s why the one-on-one way of working with me is here for you. I figured out my own Enlightened Path. And here is my hand, if you want personalized help to figure out yours.

Some healing may need to take place but that’s okay. By tuning into my own Guidance System, I will have an awareness of where you’re hurting.  Together and through intuitive means, we’ll be able to relieve your suffering and release your trauma.


I will then empower you to release what has held you back in your life. So you can finally be free and live the empowered, enlightened life you are here to lead. 


For whatever reason, I have the intuitive skills that allow me to know where you’re at when we connect. And the good news is that I can help lift you up from there. 


The most important thing is that I will teach YOU how to continue to lift yourself up higher and higher because you’re always your own best healer.


Here Are My Offerings

Option #1




Let me laser in on your life and give you a gentle but powerful push. In just 3 hour-long sessions, we’ll get you back on track.


Option #2



Let me tune into where you’re hurting the most so we can release your trauma and suffering with intuitive measures.


Option #3



Let me be your personal guide in tracking and finding your unique Enlightened Path. Let me be your personal Enlightenment Mentor.


Book Your Enlightenment Session

My one-on-one coaching and healing packages offer a deep and lasting transformation. Who you become as a result of going through this personal work with me will stay with you. You can use the skills you acquire no matter what else you want to achieve in the future. But because it’s an investment of time, money and effort, it has to be a good fit. I don’t want this to be an impulse buy for you. Instead, I want you to sign up because you know this is right for you given where you’re at! 

This is why I offer a free-of-charge Enlightenment Session. To honor your time, here is what you’ll walk away with from this 30-minute session:


Clearly identify the # 1 reason that’s holding you back from fully stepping on your unique Enlightened Path at this stage of your life.


Access a powerful strategy that will leave you feeling inspired and ready to take action towards your Enlightened Path.


Discover your personalized ideal next step that you can take right away to move yourself a step closer to your Enlightened Path. Feel ready to start healing your heart and ignite your life.

To get the benefits of the FREE Enlightenment Session AND to discover which one of my packages and programs is an optimal fit for you, secure your spot clicking the button below.

Clients Happy With My Work

When I first came to Heather, I had no self-confidence…

I was living in fear and all I thought about was the negativity in my life. My main pain was that negativity and the unknown of what each day was going to bring. 

Things started to change for me when Heather taught me how to focus on the positive. She showed me that by rehashing things that I have no control over only harms me.  She showed me how to live in the moment and letting the past stay in the past. I am now realizing all the good things in my life.  I am finally starting to live for me and not everyone else. I have not lived for so many years. She gave me back my life.  I am just so sorry I didn’t come to her long before now.


Heather’s coaching helped me transform in so many ways…

She is gifted at recognizing my limiting thought patterns and then helping me to rewire my thoughts so I can view my life with a positive and grateful lens. She has helped me to create a dream life and trust that things are working out for me, despite my tendency to fall into worry!

I have worked with other coaches in the past but Heather is, by far, the most exceptional one I have encountered! The results I have achieved while working with her are unreal. 

She listens deeply and her sense of humor will make coaching fun! She is truly the most phenomenal and inspirational coach and I can’t say enough good things about her!

Dr. Ellen Morello

I had so many limiting beliefs…

Heather always challenged me to go beyond my own limitations and to travel the road less traveled.  She didn’t see me where I was instead she saw who I was destined to be.

I was asked questions that opened up parts of me that I had forgotten. I enjoyed every moment I spent with her.

Heather is confident and skilled at what she does and I am honored that she and I crossed paths at this time in my life.

Alisha Porter

Chicago, IL