When does it stop?

The virus, the greed, the power struggles, the riots, the innocent deaths, that hatred, the left, the right, the brutal fights. The mask, the arrows on which way to go – the people that don’t stay in their own lanes, emotionally throwing their fear around. I want to say the world is a scary place – but my world is safe. My life is safe, my family is safe, but why? Because I work extremely hard on my thoughts and the life I want to live and I’m convinced that is why I am where I am now. My daughter lives in Chicago where the looting and riots are some of the worst the country has seen. Her husband is a Chicago PO – the most gentle soul you could ever meet. Do we continue to fight anger with more anger? To feed frustration with fire and injustice with violence and terror?  The multitude of emotions from years of systematic racism are bubbling to the surface, like a volcano just seconds away from eruption. We are all scared.

WE need to wake up and pay attention. The split has occurred. Different lives are playing out now – one of fear and one of love. There is a huge tsunami of change barreling our way, coming towards us faster than our legs can move. How do you ride the wave? Which one have you chosen, fear or love? Like John Lennon sang before his death. Imagine…. just imagine – we need to become those people “living life in peace.” BUT HOW DO WE GET THERE? Is this the way? Do we have to see how horrible we can be to each other before we can love each other? Why are we choosing hate over love, which in essence is fear?  I don’t know the answers to these questions… To me greed and power mean nothing. Love and family and friendships and support and uplifting one another means everything to me. To love and be loved.

I do know that people are not being heard. In a “free country” where is the freedom? We worked hard to abolish slavery, and yet it’s still here – sometimes out in the open and sometimes hiding in the shadows with sex trafficking. When will this stop? How do we all shift to make these changes? I know it will take time for us all one by one and then we can join as a collective. But what is the next step? So many people want to know. Who has the answers? Certainly, it’s not our government. Certainly, it’s not the W.H.O. Certainly, it’s not the oppressors. Certainly, it’s not the church (for some).

Does it help to riot? Does it help to wear a mask? There is a virus here, in all of us… And I’m not taking about Corona… She is only here to wake us up. The fear virus has convinced some of us that we need to be fearful – of violence, rage, oppression, revolution…all of this sounds very familiar. I think I studied this in my world history class 30 years ago. I remember thinking to myself “THANK GOD I didn’t live through the depression, WWI and WWII and all of the tragedies slaves had to go through.” I hated the white man when they took out the Native Americans – oh the stories I heard in school. I hated the Native Americans for scalping innocent white women and children. I hated the South for thinking that they even had a right to own people and brutalize black people simply because of their skin color. Who do they think they are? Blaming innocent black men of crimes that the white had committed and then what…. death row for the innocent while the guilty go free?

I fell in love with Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King and all they stood for. FREEDOM. Love. Oneness. And now look… history is repeating itself again. I am living through all I thought I didn’t have to live through – another 100 years later. Greedy old, white men trying to control the world population. Prejudices are not only about the black they are about the women too… whatever color you are. So, is it the thoughts we think that take us out of the horrible lives we are living in? What set apart Rosa? Dr. King? Mother Theresa? I would like to think we are beyond all this bull shit that happened 100 years ago. But clearly, we are not. So, what will it take to get there? How do we change the world without the violence and fear? I really want to know. Because I’m in to helping in the change and being a part of the solution and NOT the problem… are you? I have had ENOUGH. So, what is the medicine we all offer each other?