Let’s talk a sec about worthiness within.  This is where it all begins – the feeling that I am worth taking care of. 

Let’s say you purchase an item of great value, and you bring it home and place it in a safe environment, where you are able to admire it every day.  You know the value of it because you spent a lot of money on it.  But the real value of a “thing” is not the thing itself, but the meaning it has for us.  If we can place this much value on a material thing, that won’t last forever, and take such good care of it, then why are we not able to value our precious Self/self even more?  Why is it when I look deeply into my own eyes, do I still see physical flaws – or my mistakes – or my ignorance on many matters?

From my earliest memories, I was taught I was created by God.  My understanding of “God” at the time did not resonate with who I thought I was.  How could something so vast and unknowable create me!!  I have since come to understand differently, which is another blog entirely.

Bottom line, as I learned to accept myself on every level, I began to take better care of myself, especially my thoughts.  I realize that I am the creator of my life…I’m always drawn back to my mother’s words (of wisdom) “Life is what YOU make it, Rebecca.”  Even when I did recognize my own flaws, there came a peace and acceptance about who I AM that would overtake me and settle me. 

So, I’d sit with the “flaws” a bit and wonder how to change the patterns I had put into place.  Starting with my mind, and the intelligence I thought I lacked, I began to read. Now that’s a good thing, unless I’m reading unintelligent material. What exactly was I filling my mind with unconsciously?  That needed to be looked at.  Mindlessly reading nasty novels, watching crime shows on tv, watching the news – all these things I was filling my mind with had to be redirected.  Now remember, this is my journey – I’m not sitting in judgement of anyone who may be living this way.  I began to choose different reading material that fed my soul and spirit, and watching shows that promoted justice and love.  I realize I have unimaginable intelligence, gifted to me from the books I’ve read, and the teachers I’ve listened to.  All things are possible for those who believe!

The next level of taking care of myself was getting in touch with my body.  I have always been a lover of the great outdoors.  Any activity that takes place in nature is good in my opinion.  Swimming, hiking, biking, tennis, camping to name a few.  I used to jog in my 30’s and that was too hard on me.  I switched to bikes, and at some point, my husband began biking with me.  The key about taking care of your body is discovering the things you love to do.  When Bill and I found that biking together strengthened our marriage, the benefits exploded.  Of course, he was always ahead of me setting the pace – but that only pushed me to do better.  Then we discovered tennis and played just about every day.  I remember once, when playing tennis with him (he was better at that, too) slamming my racket down and crying because he was always hitting the ball right where I WASN’T!  His comment to me: “Don’t be angry with me because I play better than you.  Get better, and you’ll feel better about playing”.  We’re pretty competitive, to say the least.  But he is always there, encouraging me to come up higher.  Thanks, honey. Now, I’m 65.  Bodies change.  But I AM still strong and able to exercise, practice yoga, and enjoy every moment of it. 

Eating right is another aspect of taking care of my body, of course.  And of course, like many of you out there, we consume far too much sugar.  There’s sugar in just about everything.  Read the labels.  If there are more than 5 ingredients on that label, put it back on the shelf.  We have put an end to the alcohol which is not only brain-fogging, but turns to sugar.  I still love a good hotdog, though, I can’t lie.  Mindfulness is key here.  How often do we eat our meals either reading something, or watching TV?  In the warmer weather we always eat our dinner out on the front porch…and we talk!   It’s helpful to be present while eating and savor the flavor.  I have been accused of eating too fast – “You’re done already??”  Slow it down…. taste it.

And the final level of taking good care of myself is that of Spirit – this being the most important to me.  Spirit is Who I AM.  We are spiritual beings having and earthly experience.  What are things of the spirit?  Love, first and foremost. I AM love.  And so are YOU! Love is a verb, not an emotion.  Discover what your love language is then go out and practice it.  You won’t believe how it comes back to you. 

Patience is another aspect of Spirit.  I wasn’t born with a lot of patience, but interestingly, over the years, it has grown into something I possess and guard.  Patience is one of those things that we can’t develop unless we are tested with situations where we would normally lose our patience.  When you feel that rise up in you and you’re about to explode on someone – step back and become the observer of the situation.  Take a long deep breath, and focus on that breath. Well-being is always active and alive inside of you – It is none other than the breath you breathe.  As you breathe in, you are taking in the light of existence – cleansing and purifying all aspects of your being – including patience.  With each out-breath all the light you’ve taken in goes out into the world.  All for the healing and well-being of every heart. 

There are so many aspects of Spirit that I practice, but Love is by far the superior one.  It covers a multitude of sins, it is kind, it speaks truth, it does not speak ill of someone else’s faults. There is no envy in love, it is not easily angered.  Love always brings hope to the world, and love perseveres.  Practice love every day, and this entire world’s vibration will rise.  Don’t think your contribution of love won’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things.  It will, and believe me…Love matters.  And when you do all things in love, all things follow accordingly.