For week number two, we will be discussing the foundation of our lives, what they consist of and why it’s so important to create a strong home base for us to always be able to come back to.

In order to build a strong foundation of well-being, we have to learn to positively navigate life and then better handle what it sends our way. There is no ‘right’ way to nurture our spiritual lives…most of us tend to do what our soul asks us for and follow where our intuition guides us to go. What is an essential discipline in our lives is the tending to of the inner portion of our life. We tend to our inner selves much like a gardener who waters, feeds and weeds in order to have a healthy harvest. In today’s world we put so much focus on our outer self that we seem to forget it all begins from within.

Focusing on how we react to things in our life can have a huge impact on us – way more than we may initially think. Do you get impatient quickly? Do you stress over even the smallest of things? Is your anxiety already running rampant when you wake up first thing in the morning? All of these seemingly small negative habits that we have created can wreak havoc on our physical appearance, mental health and even those around us.

When we question ourselves and our ability to handle what life throws our way, we feel off balance and unstable. Creating and instilling healthy practices in our daily lives can not only empower us to believe in ourselves more, but create a firm footing for us to stand upon as well. Nurturing your internal self means giving yourself love, compassion and most of all, room to grow.

In doing this, we can finally begin to focus on what is truly essential. This strong foundation can support us in creating a new vision to see what opportunities are ahead, rather than hanging on to our fears and anxieties about change and what the future may hold. We become more present, open and receptive to the blessings that have been trying to come our way all along.

There is no such thing as a storm free life, but you can work hard to create a storm proof life.

The more you listen to your intuition, the stronger your internal navigation system will become. And in no time, you’ll start to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. And that’s when the real journey begins. In the unknown. The places where everyone else is afraid to go.

One of the first tasks you can give to yourself is some sort of structured routine. Anything at this point that will tell your brain that you are committing to yourself and trying to strengthen your life and your ability to handle what shows up for you. Are you cluttered? Get organized.  How about daily routines?  Start to take small steps to create harmony and organization in any way possible. Creating daily lists or to do’s that you can follow will ensure they become a habit in no time at all. Even if it is simply making your bed in the morning, creating an organized space will allow you to create a well-ordered internal mindset as well.

Most importantly: how is your physical health? When we aren’t in good health we don’t want to handle anything hard that comes our way. It can feel too daunting and overwhelming. We want to run and hide. Maybe even lay in bed and sleep until the worst parts are over. Think about how when you’re sick with the flu! Just walking to the sink a few feet away for a glass of water can feel like we just ran a marathon. Yet, when you are strong in the body, you will be able to withstand much more than you think. Exercising our bodies also works out our minds and “declutters” our inner complications. In turn, you’ll find yourself left with more energy, happiness and a new found zest for life.

We need endurance for our journey called life and if we can build our strengths through our challenges, then we will be able to withstand most anything life throws at us.