Hi, everyone!

It’s been a while since I have blogged, so I wanted to get back in touch with you all and get you up to speed on what has been happening in my life!


Today’s blog revolves around change. Yes, yes, I know… this is one of those topics that sometimes people love to talk about and are ready for, and other times they want nothing to do with. The truth is, the conversation of change can sometimes be extremely painful.


My husband and I recently closed our business that we started together twenty years ago. It was a great business and helped me launch my coaching practice, build my learning center and create my soul school! It was successful, and a wonderful journey to have been on, but the time had finally come in our lives to close that chapter. This was a very hard transition for my husband who seemed to push back anytime the topic was brought up. I, however, started the process of leveling up about 2 years ago…and I was itching for something more.


When the time finally came, this seemed to be a harder transition than what I thought it was going to be. You become so used to a certain lifestyle and way of living, that when that is disrupted in any way, you feel it. I’m sure a lot of people during COVID this last year felt the same if they lost jobs, relationships, family members, etc. It was a year of drastic, hectic change for just about everyone in one way or another. Even though it may be time and you are ready, it still does not make accepting change and welcoming it into your life any easier.


My husband was actually grieving the closing of our business as an actual death. I’m sure that some of you can relate. When you build something from the ground up and pour so much time, energy and love into it, you can help but feel connected to it, as it is a living breathing entity. That is what our business became to us. A breathing being. So, as you can imagine (even though there were signs for a couple of years that we ignored) – it was extremely painful to make the transition and decision to finally close the door.


Although I had been slowly closing the door myself within this two-year period and growing my own business coaching and creating my online soul school, I still was deeply connected to the business that my husband and I created. We are fantastic partners in love, life, business and parenting, so I could not just walk away and leave him to fend for himself through this transition. So when the grief stages started, I was there prepared to help him through it and just hold the space for him that he needed.


At times, I was so frustrated and just wanted it to close so that I could be free to create and coach and write my books with no other attachments. But, I had to really take time and look back at the business we breathed so much life into and be thankful – as this business created me as a coach and was the main reason I was finally able to live out my dreams that I had been working hard to manifest for so long. I am a great businesswoman because of this business. I became more confident, strengthened a ton of necessary life skills, and continued marching on, even through the hard times. We took some seriously hard blows in this company, as well as learned some very, VERY hard lessons. But they all taught me something for the next stage of my life. And I will be forever grateful for it.


Being on the other side now – of starting our new lives – we are in a regeneration phase. I am now able to spend 100% of my undivided attention on my coaching and soul school. I am creating and building it every day and it feels so GOOD! The growth is awesome to watch. See, the thing about manifestation is when you focus on the thing you want, it grows. That is also true when you focus on the thing you don’t want… it grows too. It is a decision and a constant choice to make… What do I want to look at? I better be looking at what I want to grow…


I myself have always embraced and loved change. I loved it even more when I realized that I was the creator of my own reality. WHAT?! You mean I can create the life that I want? How on earth is that possible? I thought that life just happened to me and not through me! After years of watching my life fall apart in certain aspects like finances, relationships, and my emotions, I finally asked myself the one question.. What is the common denominator here? ME. It always came back to me!


When I realized that I was constantly looking at (sometimes every second of the day) how bad my life was… I kept getting a bad life. Then, I started focusing on the things, people, money, love, light, and positive aspects I already had in my life and I started being grateful for them. My life changed drastically for the better.


For those of you who know my story, you can attest to the massive transformation that I went through. From a single mom who was broke and living a life of fear, constantly spiraling downward. Then, onward and upward to an extremely happy mother, wife, business owner, horse lover, spiritual teacher, empowerment coach… and I could go on. If you don’t know my story, well then it’s the perfect time for you to take my new online program that has my story in it!


My new program is called the Mindset Method and it will be available to everyone by mid-summer – so stay tuned! You don’t want to miss this! You’ll get the tools that you need to change the negative beliefs that you hold… which most of the time we don’t even realize we have because they are unconscious and such a part of our daily lives! We are being called to change and look within on a massive conscious level. That requires a change in all forms! It’s time to be courageous and start your new journey…

Join me!

Much love,