We can only be empowered and enlightened when there is a balance between three crucial areas of our existence: BodyMind, and Spirit.⁣⁣

Can I Tell You Like It Is?

Chances are you’ve been addressing the symptoms, not the cause!  You have been trying to improve something in you and your life and yet things are not working out the way they should…given the effort you put into doing the inner work and healing.

Most  people I work with don’t know how to listen to what is truly the problem. And they keep fixing what really does’t need fixing – symptoms that just reflect the root problem they cannot find.

The secret  is to learn how to ground yourself enough as to hear the voice of your body and your intuition. You need the tools that will allow you to do that. Because, in the end, it’s the truth speaking through your body and the whispers of your inner, intuitive wisdom that can give you the next steps. The steps to your own Path To Enlightenment.

How Would You Like To Do This?

#1 Get Personal Coaching From Heather


If you feel called to work directly with me in a  one-on-one fashion, there are plenty of ways to do that. I have several packages that you can choose from to get the personalized help and support that you need. I will personally take your hand and we will laser in on your specific Path To Enlightenment together. All this in a private, sacred space.

#2 Take The Homestudy Online Course


This is one where I joined forces with my Mom to bring the Enlightenment Experience to your home! You can sign up for this online course anytime and anywhere in the world and get instant access to the 12 lesson (12 Paths To Enlightenment)  that you need to master in order to step into an enlightened, empowered life. In this high-quality course, you’ll feel like I’m sitting right next to you carving your own Path To Enlightenment along with you. And then…you get some fabulous bonuses along the way!

#3 Come To A Retreat Or A Workshop


Back To Eden is our sacred space. This is where you can get together with me and other amazing teachers and healers to experience enlightenment and empowerment, to learn, to evolve and to have fun…surrounded by the energy of a high-resonating group. All this while in the breathtaking environment of our Back To Eden lake house. High-resonating food is always a natural part of the fun!